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Harbour Waste Plan Zeeland Seaports

Effective as from January 2015 Martens Cleaning will carry out the Harbour Waste Plan, which means that Martens Cleaning is responsible for the collection and processing of ship's waste.

Per ship category the maximum quantities are as follows:


Annex I

The maximum vessel related quantity is equal or less than the storage capacity as stipulated in the supplement of the International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate (IOPP), with a maximum of 70 m3.

Annex V

The maximum vessel related quantity is equal or less than 6 m3.


The time for the collection and transport time required for the collection of Annex I (vessel related), is limited up to 6 hours. These conditions aim to encourage ships with sound material and adequate capacity to deliver their vessel related waste. These conditions are so determined that under normal operation of the ship and time the listed volumes are adequate and that the related costs with the collection are not disproportionately high for other port users.

You can reach us 24/7/365 by dialling +31 113-672 210.

For more information click on http://www.zeelandseaports.nl/en/shipping/port-waste.htm.

If you have a complaint you can report it through the port administrator of Zeeland Seaports (0115-647 400), via our phone number (+31 113-672 210), or send an email to klachten@martenscleaning.nl.
You can also download a customer service report here, which you can send to klachten@martenscleaning.nl.
We will treat your complaint with the greatest care and will inform you of the outcome accordingly.




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