About Martens Cleaning


In order to be able to carry out our activities in an optimum way, we have a great diversity of vehicles.
We keep a close track of the latest technologies and expand our fleet accordingly. Below is a survey of recent additions to our fleet:


Low-pressure Combi (sewage truck max. 210 bar)

This truck has a maximum operating pressure of 210 bar and a water yield of up to 341 l/min, which means that this is the ideal equipment to scour sewage systems and culverts.
The waste-water tank has a capacity of approx. 14,000 litres and the spray-water tank appros. 7,000 litres.
Naturally, this truck meets all ADR requirements.


High-pressure Combi (max. 1000 bar)

This truck has a high-pressure pump with a capacity of max. 1000 bar and a water yield of up to 99 l/min, making this truck eminently suitable for the thorough cleaning of surfaces defaced by graffiti or the removal of road markings. Furthermore, this truck ha a waste-water tank with a capacity of approx. 13,000 litres and a spray-water tank of approx. 7,000 litres.
This truck also meets all ADR requirements.


Pressure/vacuum truck and trailer (Duplex)

This combination has a total capacity of 29,850 litres. A major advantage of this combination is the fact that the trailer can do its job independently form the truck, because the pump incorporated in the trailer is mechanically run an auxiliary engine. The trailer's tank is made from a special alloy called Duplex.
It is also equipped with a gas scrubber. This means that, in principle, any type of product may be loaded.


ADR EX III vehicle (explosion-safe transport bus)

This explosion-safe vehicle is able to pick up a wide range of different loads. With ist specially modified body and hydraulic tailboard it's possible to easily load and unload on location.
This bus is specially prepared and authorised to transport various dangerous substances.
The body is built upon the solidly constructed and extremely durable base of the Volkswagen Crafter.


For further technical and other information concerning our equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us without obligations.

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